Windows Protection Error!

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Windows Protection Error!

Okay, anyone out there who's a computer genius, I need help. I know some stuff about computers, but I've tried everything I can think of. I bought this HP Pavillion computer deal about three years ago, and it worked fairly well until a couple months ago, when it would suddenly not boot up. It said, "Windows Protection Error, you need to restart your computer" and try as I might, all it would do was sit there in safe mode, and not much would work. Then I took the original cd with the system recovery backuo deal on it, and I ran that, and the problem seemed to go away. However, it's back. What's really weird is that it seems to do this whenever I download something or install something new. It's extremely frustrating. Sometimes, it will do this, and then if I just kill the CPU for a minute, and reboot, it will eventually come on normal, but I have to TELL it to come on normal in that list of ways to boot up. ANY IDEAS ANYONE? They would be most appreciated. Thanx much.

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What version of Windows are you using?
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Oh yeah

It's Windows 98, heh, I meant to put that in the first post.
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Self help starting with;EN-US;w98

Then this will make sense:
If a real-mode driver and a protected-mode driver are in conflict.
> Examine bootlog.txt for LoadFailed and Device Manager for problem devices.
> Examine c:\config.sys for real mode dirvers. Real mode corrput - replace

If the registry is damaged.
>MSDOS mode: scanreg /fix or scanreg /restore
>replace System.dat with System.1st
If either the file or the file are infected with a virus, or if either of the files are damaged.
>Extract from CD and replace - I'm not sure about recovery CDs since I don't use them.

If a protected-mode driver is loaded from the System.ini file and the driver is already initialized.
>Examine bootlog.txt c:\config.sys system.ini and Device Manager for conficts

If there is a physical input/output (I/O) address conflict or a random access memory (RAM) address conflict.
>Device Manager - if it cannot be resolved enter CMOS - not sure send to tech.

If there are incorrect complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) settings for a built-in peripheral device (such as cache settings, CPU timing, hard disks, and so on).
>Try restore system defaults or send to tech if unsure of CMOS setup.

If the Plug and Play feature of the computer's basic input/output system (BIOS) is not working correctly.
>flash upgrade may or may not work - new computer.

If the computer contains a malfunctioning cache or malfunctioning memory.
>system and cache "I just kill the CPU for a minute" - maybe primary or seconday cpu cache.

If the computer's motherboard is not working properly.
>new computer

If you installed Microsoft Office 97 and you are using the Novell Client 32 software.
>No help

>check for viruses - all levels (CMOS to programs)
>HP specific real mode drivers [config.sys] - Device manager
>corrupt Cookies History. - delete MSDOS mode
>maybe corrupt swap file - delete in MSDOS mode
>DCOM (registry) Enable "Y" Remote access "N"
[you need remote access like a hole in your head. give me your IP addess and I'll show you why]
>Disable ActiveX, java, & javascript, for general browsing. Restrict to trusted sites & only if necessay.

Run DXDIAG (DirectX troubleshooter} Click on each tab left to righ - bottom pane "no problems"
Click on More Info then MSInfo.
>Components >Problem Devices
>Software >Drivers >16 >32 [print each list for reference]
>Software >Tasks [print for reference] - possible software conflit or corrupt file
>Hardware >print each for reference & to corrilate with Device Manager
! duplicate IRQs - don't freak out - PCI steering manages IRQ routing.

Gain access - get info.
Drivers - Device check
Software conficts - corrupt files.
Hardware itself.

Exactly what is "everything I could think of".
Have you applied registry or ini tweaks. The truth.
Whats your hammer - Winbutt, DOS, both.
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Three other things to look at,

Hard Disk full surface scan. Windows tends to keep all the
systems files on certain parts of the hard drive and a bad sector in that area can mess up a lot.

RAM may be going or getting a bad spot at certain registries. If it is in the higher memory you may only find it when you use RAM intensive apps.

Loose wires in the case. Give everything a good check inside and outside the box. (Make sure to unplug it first)
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Wow, that first post has plenty of stuff in it I don't understand...*sigh* I was thinking, though, about RAM, because a while back, I replaced the 64 meg chip that came standard with the comp, and put in a 128 meg chip instead. I tried to put both in, but they wouldn't work together, and when I tried to boot up, I got a beep code, and the wierd thing is, both chips worked by theselves, but not together.

Oh, and I already did the hard disk scan, no errors there... Will try to find out how to do all the other stuff, but may take awhile. Thanks again.
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Well here we go with my two centsÖ I say on a build that old to be getting this type of problem is normal. Format the drive and re-install. If that build has made it three years and just now really starting to give you fits count yourself lucky. Now thatís not saying it canít be fixed by what 2000 etc is saying for you to do. But by your response you donít have the technical knowledge to do so. Not a bad thing! We all started somewhere. But I would go ahead and at least come up in safe mode, save what files etc you can or want, address books etc. and start with a fresh build.
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hmmm...might try that, but today I took the tower apart, made sure everything was plugged in right, and cleaned out a bunch o' dust. I also took out my RAM chip, blew it off, and crammed it back in solid, so as to make sure all contacts were uh, contacting. heh heh. Put it all back together, and I've now had four consecutive successful boot-ups. Why does it only happen sometimes? Man, I need to learn more about this stuff....
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Cool Heat

Could have been heat, dust carries static so could have been all the dust was transferring current just enough to cause the computer to go a little bug eyed. We all need to clean our computers at least once a month. A can of compressed air at Wally World is about 7 to 10 bucks but worth it. I have a 20 gal compressed air tank I use but I get my air from a known clean source that is dried and refrigerated etc.

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