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Have a Gateway 950 mzh, 190 ram, 10 gig hd. 56k dial up, and Windows Me. I downloaded a couple of mp3's. Then played some mp3's on windows media player. Resources went to 77%. Then tried to access some web sites, and they wouldn't load. All I got was a blank white page. Is this a Millieum problem? I have only 4 programs running in the startup. After rebooting everything works right. Should I get more Ram? What is it that hogs all of my resources? Why don't my pc replenish the resources after I turn off the programs. Is there anything I can do? Thanks, Jay
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Limit VCACHE. From Win9x to ME vcache is an acknowledged memory hog, by Mircosoft. Vcache caches disk read aheads. It can consume enough memory to cause other programs not to run or low resource readings due to its default behavior. If you want to know more about vcache usage consult the MS kb.

Find system.ini in %windir% typically c:\windows. Make a backup copy to a protected folder. Open system.ini for editing. Base calc = 25% of system memory [190 * 1024 /4 = 48640] As low as 12.5% in some cases. Find [vcache] in system.ini Anywhere below the section name add [pay attention to character case]

Restart. Problems: adjust settings or replace system.ini with the backup copy.

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