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A couple of times has used has very annoying ad technique. The constant pop up ads that have become popular with web sites is bad enough, but tolerable since all I have to do is close the window. But this new thing they're doing is going way too far on the "annoyance" scale. If users of the internet don't put a stop to it now, they'll be everywhere, just like the pop up ads. Here's what I'm talking about. You go to a page and start reading an article and all of a sudden the page gets "taken over" and covered with the ad as if someone covered part a piece of paper you are reading with another piece of paper. As far as I can tell, there's no way to get rid of it, so you have to wait for it to time out. I'm sure is not the only one doing it, but I'll get my sports news from somewhere else until they stop!
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Mosey, If you Control, Alt, Delete the popup should be at the top and you can kill it there. It is a pain because sometimes this will close all browser windows. Also, Pow popup killer is a good utility for controlling there pests.....Mike

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