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I have two computers. The newer one is connected to a cable modem. The older one (in the back of the house) is not. A friend told me he thought that with a wireless router I could access the www from the back computer using the cable connection from the new computer (both computers could be on line aty different sites at the same time using only one cable modem and one on-line service instead of having to pay for two services). Is this really possible? What things do I have to consider?
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ummmm, Does your user agreement with your ISP stipulate you MUST pay for additional computers accessing the service?

It is possible to connect 2 PCs thru single modem, wirelessly. But not cheap. Sometimes not easy if not familiar with it's setup.

I am a bit late on pricing equipment but estimate about $320 for hardware. Just estimates on the prices, remember......

~$139 for wireless lan kit (2 PCs)
~$144 for wireless Router
Always factor in shipping.

Is your PCs O.S. fairly current, latest patches/upgrades? Do you know what type of connector (Firewire/PCI/USB/ISA/MCI) you will use?

What is home constructed of? (Hey, he may live in a bunker. How'm I gonna know??) Radio/cell phones work ok in the house? Just to guage if wireless may work.

There's more stuff too...... Security. Potential sources of interference.

If you can afford it, would be a fun project.
Probably be cheaper to run with wire, IF you can lay the wire down between the PCs.
My 2 cents worth...........

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A Tip

Why not try going to the source they have all the answers you should need. I did going on 5 years now, and still going strong. Marturo
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Cool router

You need a 2 to 4 channel router. Stay with Linksys. You need not pay for a second IP; I should mention that you need not tell your ISP you are using a router. The cable is in your house and we all pay enough for it. Anyway I wouldn’t run wireless, run Cat5 cable to the room. You can run up to 150 feet before having to use another switch. The router will become your connection and the two computers will hook up for sharing. No sharing needs to be installed and Linksys will give you all the info you need to hook up. A 2 to 4 channel wired router will run around $60/80. Wireless is OK but if you have plaster walls among other things could interfere with the signal. I run a four computer system of DSL now and I use exactly what I am telling you to use. I firmly believe that once it’s in my house and I am paying for it I will do as I wish. Of course if you have problems with the cable sometime they will not support the router. So keep you trap closed and your internet open
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If you can't run a cable (which is recommended in my opinion), get a Lynksys wireless router as it was recommended. You only need to buy one wireless PCI card, one computer can be connected into the router itself via an enthernet cable. The setup should be pretty straightforward, the only information you may need is the host name which is in your TCPIP properties. The best way is to duplicate everything you have in your computer right now, and put it in the router table. The whole process should take less then 15 minutes.

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