Virtual Memory problem

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Virtual Memory problem

I recently installed more memory on my computer( 128MB0. Although programs are moving faster, I am still receiving virtural memory errors. I have Windows XP. Capacity 7.85GB on hard drive and 1.19GB left.
How difficult is it to install hard drive? What do you suggest? I would also like to install a interall CDR on the computer.
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128 Mb is not a "lot" of RAM for XP. 128 is the minimum for XP. Make sure the virtual memory is set to auto. It's not difficult to install a new hard drive, or CDRW drive. The easiest way would be to buy a retail Western Digital or Maxtor drive. They came with set up utilities that will copy all your files (if you need to), set up the drive to work with your BIOS), etc. I'm sure you have a CDROM already in your computer, you could add the CDRW separately if you want to and have room or you could just swap it. The main thing to worry about the CDRW is to make sure the master/slave is the same for both drives, if you are replacing them. On the hard drive, your BIOS may not recognize a drive larger then 8 Gb. If that's the case, then either use the setup utility to bypass that or you can try upgrading the BIOS if available. The first choice is easier. I recommend you go with a WD drive, I like their utility better. Plus, they tend to be quiter then the Maxtor ones. If you'll keep all of the existing drives, and add the CDRW and new hard drive, that's how I would set it up. First channel, new hard drive - master, old CDROM - slave. Second channel, old hard drive - master, new CDRW - slave. I alwasys keep the source drive and the CDRW drive on different channels. It tends to run faster that way. Oh, and make sure you have enough power connectors to do this. For some reason IBM Aptiva computers don't seem to....
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Might also want to look at your powersupply and make sure you have enough output. I've seen plenty of 90 watt power supplies that have all the connectors in the world. Once you start using them however the power supply doesnt have enough juice running through it to power the system.

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