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Question No Oem Win95

I have an IBM2140271 with Windows 95 that used to have 98 installed until I loaded a new piece of software, Landscape design program. The program and computer worked well until I shut down and rebooted. To get the computer up and running I used my recover disk and recovered my original install, which took me back to 95 and to the screen asking for the OEM number. Well, I donít have that number, is there a way around that. I have a CD for 98 and will up date to 98 after I get up and running. If I could use my CD I would just install my 98 operating system.
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I suppose one could search the web..... but I'm not sure of the legality of this... Some.... sites may have a "collection" of numbers. I'm not sure what version of Win98 update you have. As far as I know the Win98 upgrade disk that will upgrade a Win95/Win3.1 machine is bootable, and will install Win98 from scrach. It will ask you for the Win95 disk, but you have that. It won't ask you for the original number.
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phooey and hogwash

It isn't necessary to engage in illicit behavior to retrieve the product id number. You can do this yourself if: you can boot to DOS and know how to use it. If you don't know how numerous DOS programs have been written to address this type of issue, and it's perfectly legal, or you can take it to any qualified tech and pay $60 or more for 3 minutes worth of work.

General steps: boot to real DOS, remove file attribs from %windir%\system.dat, and make copy using a new filename, remove file attribs from c:\system.1st then copy it to %windir% as system.dat. Reset the file attribs for system.1st after copying. Using regedit extract this key:
from system.dat and save to another filename.

Afterward delete the new system.dat file and copy the saved version of system.dat back to its origianl location named as system.dat then reset the file attribs. Use the edit program to view the information stored within the filename created from the extraction. The information you want is under ProductKey.

For DOS Command syntax (ie: what to type to get things done) type: attrib /?, copy /? , del /?, edit /?, and regedit /? at the DOS command prompt then press "Enter" after each entry. If you don't know what %windir% is type set /? at the DOS command prompt. This is not difficult stuff, nor is it illicit. BTW, you don't have to shut down real DOS. Simply turn the computer off.

DOS is the prybar you're looking for good buddy.
When Windows 9x whine, do what techs do, give it a black eye with a simpler OS or diagnostic tools.

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