USB port on back of CPU


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Question USB port on back of CPU

I have a CPU that has the windows 98 operating system. There are ports on the rear of the system that have the USB icon but are quite a bit smaller that the standard size ports I am used to dealing with. The machine was built around the end of 1998 just when USB was becoming a standard. Does anyone know what I need to use to hook into this smaller port. Is there any type of adapter device. Thanks
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Purchase USB devices, they come with the proper attachments.
Don't waste time trying to adapt non-USB devices.
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I've seen these smaller USB connectors on devices but never on a computer. think that someone got paid for design "Feature." My suggestion, buy a USB hub with standard connectors all the way around and then search various computer stores or internet sites for a USB cable with a standard connector on one end and a small one on the other. It's not going to be an easy search and you won't find one at WalMart of BestBuy. (Pet Peeve, what ever happened to putting spaces in names or stores or products?)
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usb size

there are two main types of USB plugs/ports, the kind that you plug into the tower is about 5/8" by 3/16", and the one that plugs into the scanner, camera, printer, keyboard, or mouse is about .25 x .25"

For those people who are accustomed to seeing serial, parallel, and similar type plugs, there will be in for a surprise to see USB and Firewire plug and ports.


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