Windows XP- Not that great


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Windows XP- Not that great

We recently upgraded to Windows XP and to be honest I for one haven't been real happy with it. The only good thing thats happened is that it don't crash as quick as Windows 98 did.The biggest thing that bugs me is the compatabilty problems. The printer functions do not all work, the cd burner program does not work at all,plus various other glitches to numerous to mention. The latest one is the cd player. I didn't try it immediatly after the upgrade but I am a little suspicious because of the other things that have occured.When you put in an audio cd (store bought or home-made) the sound skips and is real distorted. I've tried using a cleaner but it made no difference.I went to the Windows website and ended up more confused than ever.I guess your all set if you have a truckload of money to give them. I'm considering going back to Windows 98, at least my computer will function normally.
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Cool ME

Drop back to ME Corporate edition. You will not be sorry! Make sure itís the corp. edition! XP was, is not ready for release, there is no support driver or otherwise! Scrap it for a few months and I guess go back to 98Ö
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I'm not sure I would have done an upgrade since you're moving from the 9x line to the NT line. However, nothing will work right untill you go to and run the scan program there. At that point you can download the various fixes and drivers that are available. There is a fix there for specifically for CD burners. Worked for me.

If somethings still don't work right The next thing you will need to do is visit the various manufactures web sites an find drivers. My guess is that you will have to do this for your printer. XP and 9x have completly different ways of talking to the parrallel port so until you get an XP driver (sometimes a 2000 will work) you will print nothing.

I would give this a try before reinstalling 98.

Yes, Big Mike I'm still sold on NT technology.
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So far I didn't have any major problems with XP...and I do like it more then 98, ME or 2000. I like the "color scheme", and the fact that it crashes less frequently. It did take a while to get it working though...and get all of the bugs worked out.
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Nooooo... dont drop back... your only problems are your drivers! Most peripherals will have updated XP drivers avail... if they dont then you can consider your add-on's garbage.

At the end of the day, a new printer will cost no more that £40 and the same for a scanner.... any other windows app does not compare to XP for usability or sability. 2k and and its named counterparts are as stable as XP but unfortunately are destined to be bin fodder in a few months. Stick with XP and update your peripherals. There is no other way if you want to move on.. if you dont.. go back to your unflexible 98

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