BigMike Need your help again


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BigMike Need your help again

Like I sad before mike I'm new at this and trying to learn.
On the last PC I did buy a new sound card and works just fine. Now working on other hp kayak and i formated the drive as i did the last one, but this will not see the cdrom and i did use the 98 startup disk to load the driver, What am i doing wrong this time ??

and thanks for all you reply on the last trouble i had.
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The file a:\readme.txt explains known CD-ROM issues. A duplicate file on a working Win98 system exists here c:\windows\command\ebd\readme.txt

New at this:
In the future, especially while resecting or upgrading Win9xs, read both c:\config.sys and c:\autoexec.bat files [if they exist]; then save real mode drivers to an external source before fdisking, formatting or using deltree. For integrated mother boards find and save the drivers for onboard sound, etc..

If the real mode CD-ROM driver is missing the choices are front or back door installation.

Front door1: reinstall the real mode driver; then edit config.sys and autoexec.bat files as necessary. If an install disk or a program for the real mode driver that creates the proper entries in config.sys and autoexec.bat files cannot be found you must be able to create the entries and install the driver on your own.

Front door2: find and install a supported CD-ROM drive. [Possibly the one on the working computer].

Back door: connect the hard drive as slave to a working computer with a CD-ROM drive. Create a folder on the slave; extract the cab files to that folder. Reinstall it as Master on the other computer. Boot and run setup from the hard drive. Drawback: loss of disk space. Work around after installation: edit Registry, delete cab files.

Back door CAUTIONS:
1. Enter CMOS setup; then write down the DrvPrams [hard drive geometry settings] for the hard drive before removal. If this is too advanced or threatening, STOP! You must be able to enter or restore these settings manually if the drive is not recognized correctly by PnP.
2. If the drive requires INT 13 translation software or its own driver, either or buth must be installed with the drive.
3. You must be able to configure the drives correctly as Master and Slave or both drives must support Cable Select, and they must be compatible. Otherwise the secondary contoller must be free.
4. You need to verify, in advance, that both drives can coexist, and then learn how to enable them.
5. Before slave installation, boot, then enter Device Manager. ID the primary hard drive! After slave removal use Device Manager to remove its profile. Oops!, you removed the wrong profile or you forget to remove it and now you can't figure out why conflicts arise.
6. You must learn elementary DOS commands and syntax.

Viewing installation as an fully automated and transparent leap from the primitive [real mode] BIOS, [where even the most powerful processor initially acts like a 286 on steroids], directly to [protected mode] Windows is unrealistic in more than a few cases.

Self abuse will continue until reality is seen as a series of conditions. You're err was belief in half truths propagated by masters of visual deception, and then false quotations reiterated time and time again by their fan club. Always read the fine print, and then between the lines! If non transparent 16 to 32 and 32 to 16 bit kludgery intimidates you move to an XP or MAC system.
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Thanks.for the info but. last night a was just messing around with it and I put my upgrade 98 se in the cd rom and it started to read it. So I put the 98 back in and it say (drive not ready ) so I put the 98 in my other michine it started to read it whatup with that ?

Thanks for all you help I print all of this so i will have this file for the furture
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BTW, Bigmike and 2000 are not one in the same. I do not speak for Bigmike or any other poster.

Anyway, your old computer is not that old. It's also a given that your CD-ROm drive was enabled with the Win98 startup disk. The 98se ran while the 98 didn't, because of Microsoft trickery, the disk or drive is dirty or bad, or the CD is a retail upgrade version.

Try this: boot with the startup disk; then insert the 98 CD. After a moment or two, from the DOS command prompt on A:\> enter: dir x: Replace "x" with the drive letter for the CD-ROM drive. If you receive the same message "drive not ready" insert another data disk that contains files [not the 98se CD] and repeat the former entry: dir x: If you see a file listing, reinsert the 98 disk and repeat the process again. It's likely that a file listing will appear from the 98 CD this time. If a file listing appears enter: X:\win98\setup

If this worked, don't ask why! Consider it a mystery, but remember it for the next occurrence

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