camcorder to computer


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camcorder to computer

I have a Sony camcorder and I would like to know if I can transfer my video onto my PC. My camcorder is not digital and my computer is a PIII 500 MHZ. I've heard that it's possible but don't know what I need or how.
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I not sure about requirements, but have you tried searching for video translation software and/or devices.
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Cool Capture Card

You need a capture card, these can be found for as little as $40 to as much as $1000 or more. Capture cards allow you to use your camcorder, VCR even your TV on your computer. BUTů these files are huge to say the least! You can count on 1.5 Megs per minute of video! So a 15 minute film can easily reach 15 to 20 Megs. A full length movie around 247 Megs. Audio incidentally runs around a Meg a minute in MP3 format.
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If "Snappy" is still available, its inexpensive and very easy to use. One cable from your camcorder to your PC, and it works well. (I used it on a P5 - 66).
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I suggest you look at

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