Linksys Etherfast Workgroup Hub


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Linksys Etherfast Workgroup Hub

Ok well my problem very strange. I connected the hub to the modem and got it to work on one computer. After that, the other computer wouldn't connect. I tried the same thing with the computer that wouldn't connect and the same thing happened. Basicly i can connect both computers to the dsl but not both at the same time. I'm somewhat computer literate but this just flys right over my head as to why this would happen. Help would be appreciated ;D thx

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Did you connect the Hub directly to the DSL modem? Then the second PC into the Hub? From your message, that is what I understand. If so, then Houston, you got a problem...... minor one.

I recommend getting a Router. This device will allow multiple PCs to share the broadband connection. Linksys is one brand often recommended.

You have a Hub so you can opt for cheapy with one port. RTFM!!!! Please take the time to read the manual. Most Home Office Networking devices come with very good instructions.
Your daisy chain of devices should be; DSL Modem, Router, Hub, PCs (depending upon # ports and PCs you have.).

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Cool Router!

Router is the only way to go! But if you want to run the hub you will have to install “Internet Connection Sharing” and your machine or the “Server” machine has to be on if the other machine wants internet access. With a router you do not need to have a “Server” but I should mention that you should not mention you are running a router when speaking to SWB
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Thumbs up Linksys hub

If you're using a cable/dsl modem with a Linksys hub, try setting the NIC (network interface card) on the second computer to half duplex, 10 Mbps. I had the exact same problem, and this worked for me.
Also, you can run with only 1 (either) PC on and you'll still have an internet connection, because the internt connection will actually belong to both PCs.
I have two PCs on the hub. Either can be on, and both always have an internet connection. I am paying for two IP addresses, but the second only costs $5 per month more than just one.
I also suggest (if this is the type of setup that you have) that you install a firewall on each machine. Personally, I like Norton's Internet Security 2002. It includes anti-virus software, and has worked very well for me.
The advantage to a router is that most include firewall protection; but a router costs considerably more. (My 4-port linksys hub was $38 at CDW.)
One last suggestion: If you have the 2 PCs "networked" (file sharing), disable TCP/IP file sharing, because the same protocol you'd be using to communicate is also what the internet uses to communicate, making your PCs open to internet file sharing.
If feasible, use the IPX/SPX protocol for file sharing instead.
Hope this helps.

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Kulpins, how do you change your NIC to half duplex?
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Changing your NIC properties

That depends on your operating system.
In most, you can right-click on it in device manager, and go to Properties, and then click on configuration.
If you don't find it, let me know what operating system you're using.
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Couldn't find it but im on Windows 98se

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