colorado usb 19200 scanner


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colorado usb 19200 scanner

I had to reload my hp computer. I have everything but the scanner disk. I have tried to download it but it is still not working. Can anyone help.

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Cool Port

Can you see the USB port in device manager? Are you sure the right drivers are installed? Does the scanner even turn on? Letís see, does the scanner software show up in add/remove programs in Control Panel? Is the cable plugged in properly? Did you try a different USB port? I would almost bet itís the drivers. Try deleting them and go to HP and re-download them and re-install them. Next would be the USB ports themselves, if you donít see them in device mangler they were not installed. After a re-load it can be difficult getting some stuff running again. Check this stuff and get back with us. Itís most likely one of these thingsÖ
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What operating system are you using?

BigMike is right, but perhaps the order of his checks could be changed a bit:

First, check for the existence of the USB ports in device manager.

If they show up there, check the scanner properties and verify that verify there are no conflicts, and the driver you loaded is actually the one that Wndows is using. If not reload them.

If the USB pports don't show up, check your CMOS/BIOS at boot to verify that the USB ports are enabled. Some Motherboards revert to the default setting of "disabled" after power-down, or if the system battery is bad. (For example, the oh-so-popular Soyo Dragon +, for example...)

Finally, if the USB ports appear, and the driver you loaded is the one that Windows is using, turn off the scanner, delete it in device manager, reboot, and then turn the scanner on. If you're using Win2k or XP, it should be recognized. If not, there may be a physical problem, and you should then check the cables/connectors/etc)
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You will also want to make sure that the driver for the usb is an HP driver not the "ever wonder why it don't work" MS drivers. If you go to HP ou can get the latest, or what they call the latest drivers for the board. Covers ide, usb and some others, but forget which ones. After the proper driver has been installed, power off the scanner, plug into usb port and boot up windows. When you power up the scanner it better say "new usb device found" or you still have a problem.


p.s. yeah, what kulpins said.
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Ive got a scanner called colorado 19200 and its made by primax..
does HP make one called colorado 19200 ?? Sorry..Its probably me just being thick!!

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