can not open my wordpad files


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Unhappy can not open my wordpad files

My son in law installed Office XP on my computer. I have a Pentium III 550 with Windows 98 Plus. It lagged my computer something awfull. I later learned why... Office XP is made for Windows XP. So I uninstalled it. Now here is my problem. Apparently Office XP changed the way my files are read. They are now DOC. FILES I can not open any of them.
I'm also haveing problems with my cd burner I can not get it to read audio files. I have Nortons System Works and have been trying to defrag and run scan disk But for some reason it took me 3 days of retrying to get it to complete all of these things. It would make a bleeping noise through the scan and start all over again.
I don't know if this imight all be tied to the way Office configured my files or what. But I need help bad. I was told I could go get maybe Office 99 or something like that and install it and it may recover the way my files are read. He said that Office turned my files from text files to doc.files. I have went and looked at Office software and what I seen was to expensive for me. 350.00 to 650.00 Please if you have any suggestions I would appreciate it.
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Wow man you’ve got more than one thing going on. Office XP will run with any 98 build from SE on. I am using Me Corp. and XP Corp. and it is seamless. So, how old is this build? Is this a Dell or Gateway, HP etc? I would find Office 97 PRO and install it. Should be cheap enough now and was one of the better builds of Office products. Honestly if the computer is over say two years old I would get my addresses, letters and such off it and format and install Windoze ME or 2000. XP would be too much for that system. Throw a little more memory in it, put Office XP back on but with a newer Windoze build and bet you don’t have another problem. The burner is most likely a program setting, selection etc and could have had the .dll for that link missing. Anytime you remove a MS program like Office, IE Explorer, Outlook that is all linked together when you un-install say Office XP it takes links with it that were needed for Outlook and IE to work together. Sometimes a custom uninstall will allow you to take more control of the uninstall process. Hey they said it had to be able to be uninstalled not that it had to do so cleanly… Lot’s of programming cannot be removed once installed because it’s all linked together…
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One thing that uninstalls do not fix is file associations. Unfortunetly, MS has chosen to use the doc file extension for both Word and WordPad. To fix association problems go to a My Computer then View then Folder Options. Click on the File Type tab go to the one for Microsoft Word Document and remove it. After that, when you click on a doc file Windows will ask what program you want to open that type of file.

As for your other question, two options for office softare are WordPerfect Suite which you can still buy online from various sources. The other is Star Office which is a free download from Sun Computers.
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One of the utilities that installs with MS Office is FastStart. It's a hog and virtually useless. Got to Start/settings/Control Panel and see if it's there.
There's a way to unistall it right from there, but I can't remember the exact sequence. Click on it and see if an Uninstall choice is available.

Also run msconfig and see if some leftover junk is running at startup.

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