High pitched sound when pc off?


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Question High pitched sound when pc off?

When I shut down my pc there sometimes is a high pitched whinning sound coming from it. Pc is off but power strip is still plugged in and on. Sometimes with the sound I also can see the power light on the pc flicker. Like I said this doesn't happen all the time, but when it does it is like that until you turn it on again.
Any ideas?
It is an emachine by the way.
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Eliminate the power strip and plug the PC power cord directly into the wall. If the issue persists it is possible that you have a defective power supply in you PC.

To make sure you are not having some type of surge coming from your outlet you may want to move the PC to another outlet to test.

Question: Was the PC having issues since you bought it or did this start sometime later? Also, does the power strip have a surge protector built into it?
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Ok, thanks! I will try that.
As for the question...this started about a year after I bought it.
The power strip has a surge protector built in.
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Cool Fan

Most likely the fan in the power supply is going out or on the processor. If the CPU fan fails you could lose your chip if it gets to hot. Take the can off and buy a can of canned air (whew) and blow it out good. Blow into the power supply over the chipset etc.
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Hmmmm....burn out. That could be trouble. Ok, thanks I will try that also.

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