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Question backup operating system

Can anyone tell me how to backup my operating system?
Thank you
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Can we have a little more..... on what operating system and whether you have any backup software other than MS Backup. If you want to backup the entire hardrive you will need something like Drive Image or Norton Ghost which runs in DOS and not for the beginner. Ghosting is a great site to learn about Ghost. I use Drive Image and Partition Magic for backup and they are easy to use. A cd-r is a must if you don't have a tape or some type of storage for your backup. I just threw out what I use with the links and should be a good place to start but others here will have ideas and go with what works for you....Mike
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I bought a hp cdrw and did the complete back up thing..When I was forced to reformat,I run the backup and it reinstalled everything....But with loads of errors..
I used the software that come with the Hp writer..
What is the best software to use in regards to full backups???
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Depends on who you are....I like Nero. HOWEVER! Nero sucks with Win2K, but it rocks under 98.

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The issue with backing up an OS is that Windows software can't backup a file that is in use. Hence, your backup could have been missing a lot of files. So to backup every little thing you need boot the computer you want to back up with a boot floppy or CD. Then copy the files to another hard drive or partition. Then you can reboot your computer and backup the copy. This is not such an easy trick to do in DOS which is why mikejmerritt suggested software like ghost.
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Toptosher, is the HP software just burning software or true backup software? I suppose it would have to claim to send your entire system to CD meaning it would have to span if files are larger than 650MB's. Did your entire system fit on a CD? Don't think it would unless compressed. As I said, I use Drive Image which must be used with partitions and for that Partition Magic works well. As mrhoadar points out Windows has a problem backing a file that is in use. Drive Image side steps that problem because you have an exact copy of your system stored on a seperate drive which can be sent to CD. Some systems may not take an install from a drive image but that is easily worked around by formatting/installing running recovery, setting partitions, saving the image on different drive and then import it and start using it.....Mike
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Thanks for the info..Interesting stuff..As you can probably tell..Im no computer buff!!
I have never bothered trying to partition my drive as I never really understood till now why I should..I cannot understand why HP would include a full backup system that will not work without errors occuring.. I did the full backup just after I reformatted c drive and installed the stuff that I really need..Dial ups ect..
Thats why it all went on one disc..If I did it now,HP tells me I need 6 discs but there is so much junk on my system (which I have backed up to cd seperatley) that I wouldnt bother....
As I said..There were errors,but they couldnt have been critical as that was about 4 months ago and everything seems to be running fine.I must admit though I did have to run Norton utilities to fix about 70 odd problems that it found and do another defrag that was already done before I did the back up.
I am a little envious of a friend of mine who has just bought a P.C. If he wants to reformat ,all he has to do is put in a floppy disc and a cd that came with the computer and this software reformats and returns everything back to how it was when it was brand new...Nice and easy!!
I would like to try what you suggest but I shall wait until I am sure I understand exactly how to do it correctly..Otherwise it could result in a massive headache that I dont need....

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