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what exactly is spyware I'd like to know what it is and what it does
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Spyware: typically a free downloadable program that performs some useful "toy" function. Toy meaning meager. In return for the "free program" it spies on you.

Off the top of my head - any of the following.
1. track online usage, stealing bandwidth in the process.
2. gather useful data about you and may gather email contacts, redistributing information for profit.
3. may change browser settings, such as home page.
4. may deliver ads remotely.
5. may enable client remote connect status, to ensuring tracking or for probing files or to secretly install components.

Enabling remote connect is a nasty little feature that ensures increased vulnerability to hackers scanning the internet with port sniffers, reguardless of wether or not you have common firewall or port blocking software.

If you haven't figured it out by now, from the time you connect until the time you disconnect someone has their nose glued to your ass. Your email may be intercepted and read by government agents before it's deleivered if it includes keywords like bomb or terrorist. And the beloved (to some) Microsoft gathers information also.
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Thanks that what I thought
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spyware removal

There is a program called Ad-aware that is free and will remove spyware. It is from a company called Lavasoft. Below is a link to the product. You'll be surprised what it finds.


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Spy Blocker

I have used AdAware for many years. Only 3 months ago I downloaded a program called Spy Blocker. Of the two things I have most noticed most are everytime I run AdAware now it no longer finds Spyware on my Computer anymore.

Also I can now see that I have blocked Spy Ads, Spyware sites, And from the best of my understanding I no longer get Spy Bugs left on my Computer. If all of this is really happening , and I got it from LavaSoft the same people,I trust that gave me AdAware. Well this is fighting Fire with Fire and I do understand that Spy Blocker acts as a Fire Wall for Spyware. I chose a Bug to indicate the Spy Ads, & Spyware sites, and have the option to disable it when I want to.

I guess I look at it like this when I go shopping around and come up on a site that is so covered with the bugs that I can't read it.

Why should I disable the Spy Blocker to reward those people buy looking at thier site much less buying from them.

After all how would you feel if the next time you went to the store the salesperson ran out, and took down your license plate #. Then did an interview with you about where do you live, what did you buy this month & where did you buy it.

Thanks but no thanks I don't want to be spied on and with good people giving us software for free to fight back, why not fight back. The best way to stop it, is to write the spies an e-mail saying, I would have bought my needs from you but I bought them from Joe because he does not spy on me.

Perhaps if more and more of us did this they would be forced to stop spying on us. AdAware is a great program but it only tells you after the fact. Spy Blocker gives you the information right now, so you can decide who to buy from and who to write an e-mail to.

I don't know how long this spying has been going on. However If you choose to run Spy Blocker it will realy surprise you, when you find out who has been spying on you. To think that we have trusted these people for a long time, now just knowing is a real eye opening experience. I won't give them one more penny until they stop spying on me!
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If you're talking about spyware at your workplace, Big Brother is watching your every move (or destination).
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Flesh eating beast

Carnivore is the Govt's. little program or Computer that is watching each and everyone of us.

Of course I my be waaay behind the times the .gov may have something even better now.

1. Don't write or say anything that you would not put on a post card and send through the mail.
2. For all other rules allways refer to rule # 1.

There is nothing you can hide from the govenment. So when you worry about that you are wasting your time.

There is something we can do about the merchants & advertizing companies, who are Spying & Spaming us. Stop buying from them! Hit them where it hurts the most their profits.

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