Distorted Audio While Playing DVD


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Angry Distorted Audio While Playing DVD

Hi, I just built a really sweet PC with a "TV out" video card and a DVD drive that is sitting in the entertainment center in my living room. My goal was to watch DVD's, listen to CD's, MP3's, etc. as well as surf the net on my TV.

I've encountered a problem when attempting to play DVD's. The video looks great, but the audio is distorted. There is no problem playing MP3's, MPEG's, CD's, etc while piped through my home stereo. The problem only exists when I attempt to watch a DVD. I am using WinDVD encoding software. There may even be some kind of conflict because once I attempt to play a DVD all of my audio that is played on the PC distorts until a reboot of the system. Any idea what the issue could be ? I would greatly appreciate any help that anyone can offer.
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Just for kicks try another player. Maybe a trial version of something like CineWave. If memory serves correct the newest Media Player from MS (maybe just on XP) and RealPlayer both playback MPEG. Maybe just the software you're using doesn't like your audio card. I've played DVDs with Media Player on XP and was quite impressed.
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Hi Mike, Thanks for the advice. I actually just uninstalled WinDVD and tried PowerDVD and it yielded the same results. Knowing that I was dealing with an older ISA Sound Blaster card (which is the only legacy part in the system), I tried throwing in a PCI Sound Blaster 128. The monitor wouldn't even wake up without the card being pulled out of the slot ! I guess it's back to the drawing board, or store to just go buy a conventional DVD player !

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