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Question CD-ROM Drive

Internal CD-Rom drive does not recognized the CD in the tray, neither music or text. Error message box shows: " 'D' Drive is not accessible". "D" Drive appears in the Control Panel as a choice but again can not access from here either. CD-Rom also appears in the Device Manager with 1 choice expanded(Sony CD-Rom CDV311). I removed Sony CD-Rom CDV311 from Device Manager(double checked DM before exit) and restarted computer. It appeared back to Device Manager as it should on the restart, however, this did not right it. Also, thru sleuthing, I found that some original(came with computer) software CD's(Encarta, Reader Rabbit) were under "G" drive. I changed the D drive to G drive, however, acts the same and changed it back. In searching the hard drive, I find nothing under D drive, only "G". Does anyone know why it is not seeing the CD-Rom?? Also, does this drive have an alphabet identity problem maybe? Why? I run Windows 95 on a Sony PCV70. I mostly brows with Netscape Navigator and downloaded Netscape Communicator 4.7 about 1 year ago. 4.7 would not acknowledge my e-mail so I removed it. All my software was purchased.
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How old is the CD-drive? I have found that most of my CD-RoM's only last about 2.5 to 3 years. When is the last time you cleaned the laser? when you put in a disc does it spin up and does the green light on the front light up?

If the drive has never been cleaned hop on down to walmart and get a cdrom cleaning disc. Of course this may not work. You may need to (warrenty violator) remove the drive take it apart and clean the lens with Q-tip and ISO. Be extreamly carefull you don't break any of the ribbon connectors.

Or you can toss this drive in the heap pile and get a new drive. And won't have to worry about the drive going out on you any time soon.

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Had the same problem with one cdrw and one cdrom and both required replacing the drives...

Wish I had better news

Good luck
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A long shot

When did this start? Also at anytime in the near past did you take a Hardware update from MicroSoft Updates? There was an Intel Drivers update, on the MS update site that made peoples CD-ROMs & CD-RWs disapear. As I said this is a long shot but if you did get that Hardware update, let me know I will let you know how to remove it. Marturo
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Thanks everyone for your help. Sorry for delayed response. I've had this computer since February, 1997. It is old but has been a real trooper. This is the first true trouble(not pilot error) I've had with this system. I've cleaned the laser many times thru the years. No, it does not spin up like before and it shows an intermittent flashing amber light by tray. Some things I'd forgotten to tell. I added a second printer around Christmas 2000, no problem here. Same time, I added a nic card to setup for DSL but due to cost I never signed up for the service and stayed with dial up. I have taken Sony Updates in the past from their site. In the early days, I played with the CD-Rom alot, music and the software CD's that came with it. But of late I haven't done much with it. I play music on other equipment so don't know when it stopped working?? What prompted me was, if I did get a newer computer with XP?, I wanted to eyeball all the software that probably would not be compatible with a new OS. You know, just for old time sake. I opened up the housing and both ends of ribbon connector look tight and secure. It is probably age-has spun up all its going to! But, can anyone tell if it is something I've added or done to it? If I have to add a new CD-RW, I will clean it up real good then. Hey, thanks everybody for all your helpful posts! Rae

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