Outlook Express address book


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Outlook Express address book

We have two computers netwoked together without a server, and we want to automatically copy changes from one computers address book to the other (syncronize of sorts), when that other computer is on. Sugesstions?
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why dont you just make a shortcut to the address book file (unless it is in outlook then I dont think it will work could try it though.) when the book is open the other system on ly gets a read-only untill it is free then can write to it. IF it's from outlook or OE, you might be able to link the address book from one system to the other using the same method. Just copy a shortcut inplace of the file of the other machine. Also delete the "shortcut to" portion on the name.

Be sure you save all files or rename them dont delete unless this trick works. If not you need some way to recover.


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