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Spyware Database

Is there a database that lists all of the software that has spyware on it?

Is there a utility that can scan software before or during installation and tell me if spyware is on it?

I just went through the aggravation of eliminating WebHancer and I have no clue what software packaged that little suprise along with it. If can I find out before hand I definately will not purchase/download software that has spyware attached with it. I understand that advertisers want to know what people are interestred in but I think they should utilize the old fashioned survey that gives an individual a choice of answering questions rather than being sneaky and using backdoor tactics. I compare it to a Kirby salesman sneaking in your house and hanging Kirby fliers in cabinets under toilet seats, in closets slipping them in the pockets of your clothes and anywhere else thay can put them. Why isn't this type of activity illegal? Also some of these advertisment tactics on the web are ridiculous. You cannot get rid of those pop up ads, it is like the peice of junk mail you just threw in the garbage 2 minutes ago crawls out of the trash can and climbs right back up on your kitchen table.

I am plainly getting sick and tired of it. What can I do for relief?
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Try here they have a lot of things you are looking for. L ike spy blocker, pop up killer ect.

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Thanks. I appreciate your help, I will take a look tomorrow.
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Talking wow!

i just checked out the link, well probably awhile ago, but am finally through browsing parts of it. i linked off to another site (free testing or something) and then downloaded FreeZone (recommended on site) and went from blocked sandbox to running in stealth mode. Now these ports of mine read as though they don't exist. so neat. seems my firewall wasn't as good as i thought.

this link is great for both getting relief, plus information on what you're seeking relief from.


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Thanks for the link, I have to say this site is everything and more than I asked for.
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Stealth Mode

I am happy, I could help out. There are a lot more sites on the internet that are created to help us stay safe.

The mentality behind hurting others, by trying to ruin their equipment and hard work is beyond me.

As more people enter the world of high speed access, the more we need to use stronger defenses.

Stay Safe, Marturo

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Marturo, Wilders looked like a pretty sharp web site. I also use Gibson Research quite a bit. Shields Up is pretty cool. This guy is death on spyware, adbots, and hackers. Makes for some really interesting reading.

Also, I like Zone Alarm as a firewall.

If you have already posted this info somewhere else, sorry, cause I haven't looked too far back on the board.
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download ad-aware it scans your drives and finds spyware and you can deleted them. works great

heres the link: http://download.cnet.com/downloads/0...st-7-1.7302674

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