to many double files


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Unhappy to many double files

Hi I have windows 98 & 32RAM, plenty of space on my hard drive. My problem is when I open a file it makes a copy to my document folder without my asking it to. Also if I download to a disc it makes a copy in my Documents.

How do I stop this from happening?

Also if I remove a program with uninstall it dosen't remove all files. There are duplicates on my computer. Any idea as to how I can know which are shared with something else so I don't remove a shared file that I need? I am already missing files I can't replace because the man I bought my computer from did not give me the disc for windows 98. Thanks for any help.
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Cool Format

This doesn’t make sense. In most cases when you open a picture or some files they are saved in my docs for future use. They should be deleted when the computer is re-booted. If I were you I would go by a 98.x disk and start over. No telling what was removed by this other fellow. Sometimes when you remove a program with the uninstall in Windoze it does not remove all the files. It will leave the program files and almost certainly it will leave a foot print in the registry. Format and start over, save yourself these headaches!!!
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Do the second files have a little arrow at the bottom like a shortcut on your destop?

Also when you right click Both files and left click properties is it the same exact file?

What antivirus program are you using? Have you done a deep virus scan in awhile?
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I went in and found they were temp internet files, deleted all, defraged, scandisc and have much more speed. Thanks

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