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Unhappy Monitor Splicing

I need to splice my dell 19'' monitor to a compaq 10' extension cable and there is no male/female connection on the end of my monitor cable(just wires) therefore i need to know what wires from my monitor go to what pins on the computer port and also which wires in the extension cable go to what pins on the is a 15 pin connection anny suggestions?
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your Dell monitor,,,, only has 'wires'? or do you mean it has BNC connectors at the end of 5 wires; red, blue, green, black and white?

Also, what type of connector is on the video card?? or does this computer have 5 silver connectors correspond to the 'wires' to your monitor?

Need INPUT. What type of computer was it attached to?

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Is the purpose of spicing the two cables is to simply have a plug on the moniter? Did it occur that you can get replacement plugs?-they will be difficult to find.
What happened to the plug on the dell moniter? Is the cable about 3/8" thick with ribs? Did it have a rectangular plug that had two thumbscrews and a trapazoid shaped area on the end that has about 15 pins? How many wires are there?

I personally would not splice, it would be better to have a new cord on the moniter that has a factory molded plug on it.

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Cool Pinouts

You are going to have to install a Male DB15 and get the pin outs. It is relatively easy to find the pin outs for a DB15 plug but I would make sure from Dell that they didnít do something funky. Radio Shack will have the plug. It will have to be soldered on (or crimped). Get on the net and look up "DB15", you should get a few thousand hits about themÖ

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