A ping question


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A ping question

What is a ping? Im confused because sometimes I play age of empires online and im told by others that I have a red ping and cant play...I have no problem accessing this site or others while my ping is bad but i cannot play on msn...The two little screens in my startup tray are flashing like mad but still i am suffering from bad ping syndrome!! What is it and Why me??
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Are you on a dial-up connection? that would explain part of this.

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In answer to your question, "What is a ping?"
Ping is the term used to describe the length of time it takes for a singal to go from your computer to the game server and back to your computer. If you are trying to connect to a game server that is physically a long distance away (overseas), then you will have much higher pings, due to the number of "hops" that the signal must make. Try to find a server that is reasonably close or try the game late night or early AM when traffic on most networks is slow. I find that playing Unreal Tournament works best about 2:00AM.

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