broken down C drive

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broken down C drive

last month my c drive just quit on me so of course i lost all
my information on it so i got another drive put in my computer so now i have a new c drive and my old d drive that i had before is there any way to try and get any info off of my broken c drive by maybe taking out my d drive and hooking up my broken c drive using some program to go in and try to retrieve any information.

Thanks Alan
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Cool Retrieval

So the drive has completely died right? Doesn’t spin up etc? If so then as far as you go you’re out of luck. There are several companies around the world that specialize in getting information off a dead or damaged drive. Check with some local computer shops and see who the recommend. They physically take the drive apart in a dust free almost sterile room and read the drive from the individual platters. Specialized equipment is needed but it shouldn’t cost too much to retrieve the info.
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Alleycat52, Mike is pretty much right. If it doesn't spin up at all (i.e., no noise when the machine is powered on), then you are hurting. If it does power up, but was giving you a message like "Missing Operating System" or something, you may be able to recover some of the data yourself. You need to nail down how it is broken.

This may sound funny to some folks on here (but not the ones who remember the days of MFM and RLL hard drives), but if you still have your old drive, try giving it a solid slap on the top of it with the palm of your hand.

Sometimes spindles can become frozen, and a good smack can shake them loose. Trust me, this is a Vegas long shot, but I have seen it work once or twice. If you can get it up and running as a slave to your new hard drive, you can copy off what you need.

Try this with power applied to the drive, by the way. Take the usual precautions against electrical shock, but that shouldn't be an issue. Like I say, this is a LONG SHOT, but if you have all your Quicken Data, e-mail, etc. on here, worth the effort.

Wish I could say more

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