My screen is shrinking! What now?


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My screen is shrinking! What now?


My internet screen/window (netscape & explorer) has dropped down about 1/4 of an inch sometimes in the last day or so, leaving a not so pleasent view of my plan blue desktop background showing at all times...... And now I just noticed also that the icons on my desktop have the top section of them missing as well. How do I restore this part of my screen back to normal??
Thanks for any and all help.
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Sounds like virus, driver, hardware. In that order.
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First, sounds like your browser window is not fully opened; top right corner of browser has 3 little boxes, center box only shows 1 square? ifso, then window is not at max, click on it to fill the screen.

Icons look different;
When you have restarted your PC (maybe like reading replies to your Post ,the next day), are your icons still messed-up? Have you changed video settings lately? If not press 'F5', refreshes screen/browser/MS Office toolbar,,,,,,,, great shortcut. If you have changed video display settings, go back and return them to former settings. (lets cover steps seperately to avoid confusing me.)

Let us know how works out.

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Thanks for the help!! After restarting the computer all seems well again. I had checked all the setting that I could think of to fix it, but nothing worked. I guess that I sometimes forget the number one rule... reboot, reboot, reboot! LOL
Thanks again!!
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Cool Remember...

Always remember, a handful of Percocets and a bottle of Mescal before you do any work on Windoze. This puts you the state of mind the engineers were in when they designed this stuff

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