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Question Printer Inks

I have 2 inkjet printers one is the Cannon Bjc-5000, the other is the Hp-560c.
I have a refill kit for the Cannon printer only.
My question is can I use the refill ink for the Cannon printer to refill the ink cartridges for the Hewlett-Packard printer?
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No you can't, but I believe if you will search the link, I have for you, you will see what you can do to save a lot of money, and get a good refill of your own making. Good luck
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Geez Marturo,
you beat me to it. I was going to give him the link and advice you game me as far as ink cartridges and refilling!

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Unhappy Sorry

I'm so sorry Kay
Well now that I'm a Mod I will have to earn my keep once my forum takes off. Well enough fun for now back to the salt mines. Hey I almost forgot, how did the carb turn out? Did you get a chance to work on it yet. If your shaft is still good and tight, you could drop that well filler in the Qjet and save a few bucks for now.

E-gad what forum are we in? These folks must think were nuts LOL. See ya Kay
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I use
Cheap is good!!
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Thumbs down Refill kits indeed !

You all seem to have a positive experience with refill kits.
I purchased locally a black kit for an HP 722 from and got 2 1/3 fills from it. Two days after the last fill, the cartridge leaked from the print head and filled the inside of the printer. Unfortunately I did not discover this untill after I set the printer to make five copies and walked away.
It took about half an hour and two pairs of latex gloves to clean up the mess. When contacted, Island Ink Jet said that they have never heard of this before and couldn't imagine what caused this to happen. So much for "100% product guarantee". Because the color cartridge was nearly empty, it wasn't worth the chance that the printer would still work, so the refill kit effectively ruined my printer.
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I agree with you Greg H, I also have had a bad experience with refilling ink cartridges. As far as I can tell its a 50/50 shot. The one I tried was a HP 6614 cartridge, which I think may impossible to refill.I tried everything I could think of on mine and it still didn't work right. I even bought a couple that were refilled by an aftermarket and that didn't work out either. Until I've seen it done firsthand I won't be refilling any soon.
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I agree with you two guys on bad experiences with refill kits. Took me forever to clean out my printer after trying to refill my HP612c with the odd sized cartridge. I found out later that those aren't refillable without a bunch of extra tools. Instead of blowing $16 on refill kits, I now look for the 2 pack deals and cope with the costs.


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Ummmmm, I have had mixed luck wih refilling.

Our first try....
I think my son let his cartridge sit too long after empty, before refilling. We think ink dried and sealed outlets to printhead. Very poor print quality.

Next try worked better as refilled before cartridge was completely empty (yeah the second try was with another purchased cartridge as the first one was shot).

IMHO -- I disagree about the ink........ with inkjets anyway...... I don't worry 'bout getting HP ink for HP cartridges. Ink is ink for inkjet printers....... Just like ONLY NEW MANUFACTURER'S toner cartridges will work in laser printers (putting waranty issues aside), refilled toners from reputable companies work as well as OEM.
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