Internet Explorer problem (5.5)


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Question Internet Explorer problem (5.5)

I am having a problem with some web pages that somehow are seen at a different resolution than my desktop.

It appears that while my display is set at 1024x768 with 32 bit color, some pages (that were previously correct) are showing at 800x600 resolution - they look very large and don't fit into my browser window.

This occured first on Yahoo after running yahoo messenger. I had not run YM for over a year, but ran it as part of setting up another program (Trillion) for handling multiple IM programs.

I set Trillion up on multiple PCs, but this is the only one with YM, and the only one that has the problem.

I do not see the problem on all web pages. At first I only noticed it on Yahoo, but I now notice it on others as well.

Is there some setting or cookie that may force a web page to display in a different resolution than the display settings ?

I have tried changing my display settings, but the web pages seem to adjust, so that they are too big for whatever resolution I set. I can see 99% of the pages impacted at Max window setting, but if I resize, I start to loose part of it.

I can send screen shots if needed, but it seems that the Maximum size for an attachment is 1 byte ???
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Cool Settings

First off what video card are you running? Get into its settings where you would adjust the resolution etc and set it 800 x 600 at 16 bit color. You don’t need to be running that resolution except for being fancy and most of the net is at 800 x 600 at 16 bit, 24 bit max. And the differences between the two are not noticeable to the human eye. Reduce your res and color depth. Make sure you have the monitor and display adapter in settings as there names and not “Default”. Set the refresh rate to 72 Hz, most newer monitors can handle this setting and it will be flicker free…
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Angry A possibility

Spyware can do that. Are you running anytype of Spyware blockers or removers? Awhile ago on this forum the MODs brought our attention to the dangers & protections of and from Spyware, Ads, Bugs, & trojans.
Just a thought.
Good Luck. Marturo
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Video settings

The video card is NVidia 3d with 16M ram (what I remember-I am at work)

I have been using this card with my Dell P990 19" Trinitron monitor with no issues until recently.

I understand that 800x600 is usually fine, but...

I use the real estate to work with large spreadsheets and databases that require viewing together, so I use the high resolution. The color depth would be fine for me at 16, but my photo album and editing package requires 32 for complete functionality.

Normally, at the higher settings, I could see the complete (left to right)web page with at least a 1-2 inch border on the right for most pages in Max size - now I just barely get the whole page.

I have changed both setting to see if it made a difference, but no luck. Even at 800x600 the web pages are chopped off on the sides, and the fonts are too big - relative to resolution. It almost seems that everytime I change my resolution, the browser adjusts to the next size down (on some pages).

me 1024x768, brower 800x600
me 800x600, browser 640x480
Again, this does not occur on all pages.

I would set down to the lower settings if it made a difference to my web page issue, but it does not seem to help.

I will follow up after some more testing - I have not put a lot of time into this yet. Will be a day or two before I can work on it.

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I had the same problem with 5.5. Seems some web pages would load correctly, then other would be messed up. To change it, what I had to do almost every new web page (if opened in a new browser) was to reduce the font size on the IE toolbar and then the next one up a size or vice versa. I never tried adjusting the video settings since I have tendency to mess things up that way. Afterwards, some of my progs would load with the correct settins, others wouldn't. I believe that after going to windows update site, it fixed the problem (after downloading one of their critical updates). I run IE6 now, with no problems.

Spreadsheets are a real problem when the video settings aren't correct!

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Success !

Wow - that was easy. I went to the IE toolbar -

View-Text Size-Medium

(Changed from Largest to Medium)

It is correct now.

Thanks a lot

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