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Angry XP Problem

I installed XP a two weeks ago and over all I am satisfied. However, I have a nagging problem I know is related somehow to the operating system and the way it interacts with the other hardware I have. I have issues with connecting to the internet. Sometimes I can connect and sometimes I cannot. When I have not been able to access the internet, I run the normal trouble shooting to see if I can solve the problem. What I will do is describe the issue for each time I tried to access the net but could not.

1. When I installed my firewall Ontrack Sysytem Suite net defense (which is supposed to be XP compatible) I could not access the net. I know the usual questions that come to peoples minds did i have it configured properly, yes I did. I even changed the security protocol to allow all traffic and that did not alleviate the problem. I have surfed the web before with XP and Net Defense with no problem. But this time there was a problem. When I uninstalled the Ontrack software I miraculously got access to the net this seemed to solve the problem. Before I removed it I did verify every setting.

2. I had no firewall installed at this point i come back the next day expecting everything to be proper, and I tried to access the net (which i did do successfully after the changes the day before)
I could not get on the net so I proceed to troubleshoot the problem again, and somehow the box labelled detect network settings automatically in the Network settings menus of explorer was not selected, but it was selected the day before. (I did not install or change anything between the day before and this point) So I proceeded to select the box and I could surf the web.

3. 1 hour later I came back to my computer and tried to reconnect to the web and it told me it could not establish a connection. My ISP was ok because my friend has the same service and he had access. I tried different access numbers it still did not work. So I tried to ping the server and I was timed out. I called my access number and listened I did hear the computer making the tones. I tried to log in again then I received the error message that my username and password were incorrect and I did not change anything up to this point but for some reason the it appeared that my login information had changed. I proceeded to wait a few hours and I tried again then my modem would not dial at all.

4. My wife comes back the next day to log in and miraculously for some reason it decides to work. I still have not changed anything. The computer miraculously was able to establish a connection, without making one change to it. And it worked all night with no problems.

What in the world could cause my inernet connection and login to be so unstable. It has a new error message or problem each time. I have verified all of the settings in windows, I have verified each time that my ISP did not have a problem.

What could potentially cause this type of problem. The only thing that I think it could be at this point is my modem driver (because i have tried everything else). I have a Diamond Supra modem but i am using the generic driver supplied by Windows XP. I did download new drivers today for the modem but i would like to know if there is anything else out there that could potentially cause this issue also. I have no other problems with XP whatsoever.

Also I did a complete scan of my system looking for viruses, trojans spyware anything, and my software indicates my system is clean. I do run Adaware, I also recently update the registry of virus patterns.

At this point I am fed up and I am comparing the cost of DSL to Cable to decide which one I want. I am tired of fooling with this crappy dial-up connection.

But I would still like to know any information anyone has to offer about this.

I appreciate any info. I hope i can log on to the web so i can read it. (If it does hiccup again and behaves as it has been i will eventually establish a connection.)

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Cool Modem

Sorry no one responded to this, most likely it was just one of those things. I have and have customers that have had the same problem. Most likely it was a miss-communication between your system and your server’s password authenticating software. Or it could be its just Windoze. You do know Bill is setting back laughing his arse off at us don’t you? Anyway are you still connecting OK? No more problems? If you can choose use Cable modem. Although at the end of the day its Ma Bell that handles the final part of the traffic. Everything on the net eventually has to use Ma’s wire and switches… I am quite pleased with DSL and I had Cable for two years. Cable is faster by far but still, 4.7 seconds a Meg download on a good day isn't bad, averages 5 seconds a Meg download.
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May I try my 2 cents worth?

OS of XP -- fairly stable. Modem sometimes works........
This may only waste your time,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Please make sure modem card is seated in slot. Remove and re-install modem drivers. Replace jumper phone cable (sometimes they DO break). Sometimes the modem breaks as well.... got a friend will loan you a modem? If possible, full hardware modem, not Winmodem/software driven.

The assumption is; you live in town and have reliable (relatively clean of electrical noise) phone lines.

Did not indicate the time you try to log-on and which ISP. From you initial message, part of time, sounds like common log-on failures to busy ISP.

XP can be fickle OS..... I dislike profiles for each user......

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Thanks for the help, I am currently able to use the internet with my dial up connection. I also have one of my computer savvy friends taking a look at the meachine to see if he can find anything that is incorrect or could promote this trouble.

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