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compaq computer

My mouse stopped working. I purchased a new mouse that also does not work. I purchased another mouse with a USB plug and that doesn't work either. I haave been told that I have to clean my C drive and reload windows 98. However, I only have a windows 95 disc that came with the computer. I had twindows 98 installed by a vendor and do not have this disc. How do I clean up my current C drive and reload windows 95 with my disc?
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Hold on...

Before reinstalling windows I would suggest you the following investigations and solutions:

1)Check if the mouse works under a pure does environment. You should load the old '' driver first.

2)Check and make sure that the IRQs and COM ports are not disabled from the BIOS or from the Windows control panel.

3)Try reinstalling the windows mouse drivers. First remove then auto detect hardware.

4)Check and make sure you don't have any hardware conflicts.

5)Try running windows in Safe Mode.

Waiting for your feedback.

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If you end up going back to 95, you will need to get a usb patch. Depending on the release version you have, I think 95 rev B is the first to use USB. Why would they tell you to format and reload windows for a mouse??? Do you have USB enabled and drivers installed? Under device manager you should see a USB root hub entry, with out this your new mouse will not work.

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By default USB is not supported in both versions of Windows 95. To install USB in Win 95 I had to download an external patch.
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Even with the Win95 USB patch, very often it does not work well.
Even the first version of Win98 has issues with some USBs.
Yes, check your BIOS to ensure mouse port active....
Did you go into device manager and remove the mouse and restart to have mouse re-activated? Be my first chose, fast and easy... then we go to other options......

My wife's PC would sometimes lose mouse..... real pain when I had it multi-booting 4 OSes........ have you changed MSCONFIG 'Startup' variables? Click 'Start' , 'Run' and type "msconfig" (without quotes). In the 'General' tab, check 'Normal startup - load all device drivers and software". exit this app and restart pc, frequently would 'FIND" mouse again.....

Let us know how it goes, there are couple other options to try, yet.


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