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Angry fan problem

hi,a few months ago i left a a.c room fan running right next to my monitor for a long time.My monitor is a 17 in olivetti only about a year old,and i have no warrenty.The color in games i cant really notice a problem,but in windows half off my screen the color is off.Im ready to try puting the fan on the otherside for awhile but decided to try yall first lol,tryed degausing ,no help Mr fan
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The fan ... and other motorized equipment give off electro-magnetic fields. If it is severe enough if will have lasting effects. You mentioned deguassing... was it done with a professional one ???

You may need to unplug it let it sit for a while... away from anything magnetic. Most monitors have auto degaussers.

Good luck...
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Some electro magnetic discoloration will not go away with degausssing alone. (the deguass button on your monitor if you have one.) If you have the time you can take a fridge magnet and work the discoloration off the edge of the screen. Takes some time, and can be very nerve racking. But it can work, jst be sure yo dont leave the magnet setting on the screen, then you will have another spot to get off. My monitor at work had a nice corner that was blue green, degaussing did not work.

I tend to just barely touch the screen and pull and lift at the same time. Seems to work the best. (learned this trick when I was 5 or 6, put a big 6lb magnet on our tv at home. Spent the rest of the day trying to get rid of the evidence before someone came home.)


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