boot up

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boot up

hey running win 98 hp 8650c when i boot up 98% of the time i get a black screen when i shut off and reboot i usually get a normal start up ive scanned defrag every thing i know but evidently not enough helpppp thanks all
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Cool Clean...

Well obviously sounds like a boot failure. Could be several things, memory going bad, HD failure but scan disk should have given you a warning unless the bearings are failing. Power supply could be going; they are “switch mode” which is fancy term for how it controls the voltage. I think I would try a different power supply first, how old is the beast? How clean are the insides of the tower? Lot's of dust can cause static. Go to Wally World and get a couple of cans of canned air and blow the computer out real good. Make sure all connectors are plugged into the board as well as the CPU. You can pull the memory and take it to a service station and they will most likely test it for free or minimal charge. Can you hear the drive spin up? You might want to take the top off and give it a listen to see whats up. When it does boot all your settings are still there? Time right etc? Try this and we’ll go from here.
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May I also recommend:

While you have the case open, gently press the cables into the back of the HDD and on the MoBo. Sometimes connections get loose. May help, shouldn't hurt, makes you feel better because you tried!! LOL!!!

Bigmike has implied, bootup failure can be from many sources.
Just have to track it down,,,,,,,, I used to work in shop with PCs being shipped/trucked and sometimes the cables came off.


PS -- after re-reading this I see Bigmike already suggested checking cables!!!!
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hey mike the power supply is about 1yr old now dont know if it was the problem or not but uninstalled incredi mail and the thing booted up fine this morn when i get time this weekend i"ll tear into her got a highway to build first ha thanks for your alls help

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