HP Laser 1100


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HP Laser 1100


Someone just gave me this printer.

Problem is that if multiple sheets of paper are loaded, it will pull all of them into the feeder.

If I can lick that, I have a year old printer for free. Any ideas?

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your feed tires and/or retard pad is worn. *do not use iso* Clean the pad and tires with a mild detergent such as simple green (my hero cleaner) or go to your local electronics shop and get a bottle of rubber rejuvinator and clean the tires and pads. If you can find a dealer to sell you rollers and pads at a reasonable cost shold only cost you $20, BUT the mark up on this stuff is terrible, you may not be able to find em for less then $65 or $70.

To check for proper feed tire pressure take a sheet and fold it in half. use a paper punch and put a hole in the back side, put it in the tray under the feed tire and place a second full sheet on top, then insert the tray, or release the pressre cam, use a paper clip to pull the 1/2 sheet out. If the clip rips though the hole too much pressure, if it starts to pull the top sheet out too little pressure.

Your pad may be cork, in which case just clean the feed tires. Its a bit of a pain, but you should be able to get your finger with a soaped rag stretched over it into the tire and clean it side to side, the roller "should" free spin in one direction or if its an older model will be gear only driven and the tires are on a fixed roller and not on a one-way bearing.

Good luck,


p.s. the citrus cleaner (goo gone?) works well to rejuvinate rubber feed tires. But if you use to much or too often it will dry out the rubber.
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I went to HP's website and lo and behold I found a bulletin about this exact problem.

There is a insert/repair kit to solve this problem. I ordered it (free) and that should solve my problem.

250 dollar printer for free if it works . I have to download the new software to work with my ME edition, although I already have the software that originally came with it.

Thanks again and I'll let you know.
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Received the repair kit from HP the other day and I will advise if the repair and subsequent installation of the HP1100 was a success or not.

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Thumbs up One working HP1100

Problem solved.

Installed the separator pads that HP sends for free when you ask for it and installed the printer and software.

Works like a champ. 250 dollar item for free.

Thanks all

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