restoring dlls??


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Question restoring dlls??

hey guys i just ran my system file checker and it showed i have 4 dll files shows the ones that are missing and is available to replace and it ask what program to restore these dlls in?? question?? i don't know what program to restore them in?? anyone got any answers for me???
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Try the multi-phasic approach.
Easiest: >Run sfc >setting >view log.

No log or couldn't find the dlls:
1. Export the regsisty. Suggest exporting to: c:\windows\desktop\"myreg.doc". [All registered dlls].

2. Use DOS to obtain a current listing of dlls. The following command will list all dlls, sorted in alphabetical order with file attributes. [Have file attribs, name, and paths to dlls - highly suspect paths: %windir%\system and \Program Files\.... for many dlls].
attrib c:\*.dll /s|sort /+10>c:\windows\desktop\mydlls.doc

By convention Wordpad will open each document. Search myreg.doc [Ctrl+F] for each dll. Sometimes the full path is shown. Sometimes dlls are listed under a HKEY. For example, those listed under [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System CurrentControlSet\Control\SessionManager\KnownDLLs] and [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet Control\SessionManager\Known16DLLs] are typically located in c:\windows\system. Tip offs: "KnownDlls" "Known16Dlls"

Sometimes a backup dll can be found in c:\windows\sysbckup In this case copy to the respective folder or extract - either way.

If the path cannot be determined use the DOS listing. When all else fails bare knuckle it: use sfc to extract to a path >restart in MSDOS Mode >exit [have Windows read the registry without rebooting] >use sfc to check for missing dll or correction. No correction: either use the DOS MOVE command to move the dll to the next suspect path >repeat previous until success OR del the dll and extract to the next path.

move c:\windows\system\any.dll "c:\program files"

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