Need Help Please :-) Conflict with IP address.... Interface has been disabled


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Unhappy Need Help Please :-) Conflict with IP address.... Interface has been disabled


I have 4 computers networked using a netgear router and network cards. Last night while we were away from home we had some storms move through the area. The power must have gone off while we were away so had to restart everything when we returned.
All the computers are up and running, and the network and DSL is working on all but 1 of the computers. When this computer is restarted I get the following error message:

Windows - The system has detected a conflict for IP address 192.168.02 with the system having hardware address 02:03:8A:00:00:11 The interface has been disabled.

What does it mean by "interface has been disabled"? I have checked every where that I can think of and have found nothing. When I go to TCP/IP Properties box the select an IP address is highlighted and is typed in, with a Subnet Mask number there as well.

I know that it is not the modem, router or network since this computer is on the same setup and is working fine.... Any ideas?
Thanks for any and all help.
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First I know very little about the Netgear products setup.

I use the Linksys hardware, and when this happened to me, I had to go into my linksys setup, and tell it I had 4 not 3 Coms. Then I clicked refresh, & where #4 was missing it reapeared.

After refresh, all 4 computers were there, and I just started waiting for the next surprise you get, when un pluging a nonstaic IP address lol.

As quirky as ADSL is, I will never go back, to that old up and down, Cable modem.

I have SB and they just offered for $10.00 more a month, some kind of networking, so the rest of the family could enjoy Fast Access. I don't know how they do it, because I will allways take care of my own LAN.

Hope this helps, if not I'm sure someone has Netgear, and has the answer. Good luck, Marturo
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marturo - thanks for the help. After reading your post I went back to work on it and nothing worked..... then I did what I should have done to begin with.. Check the settings on the computers that worked! I changed it from a "select an IP address" to Odtain address automatically" and everything is working fine now.

Not sure how the setting changed themselves last night, but glad that all is working now.

Thanks again for the help.
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Back online.

Good news
I can't understand half of how I get them back, when I unplug. I just keep a log, and check everything until it works again.
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Cool Backup

Thatís exactly what I was going to say to do, get IP auto. But what you need to do first thing Monday is go to Best Buy, Circuit City wherever and get a battery backup for each computer! I recommend the APC brand and the ďOfficeĒ model should do fine for you. About $89 each but they condition the line, surge protect with total replacement of your equipment should a strike get you assuming APC is properly grounded etc. I am not talking about surge protection I mean battery backup. The office unit gives about 15 minutes of power, more than enough to get shut down. If you want more time you will need to go bigger unit of course which costs more. But you will not believe how much better your computers will run on uninterrupted battery backup! Power shifts from the power companies. I have seen the voltage here swing from 110 to 121 volts! Thatís a big swing and is has a definite effect on power supplies, TVís etc. Not that you can see necessarily but your equipment does!
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Mufrees law

Big Mike

I agree with you that he should get battery backups, but not for what happened to him. I unplug everything when I leave home always.

I even have my electric clock pluged into 1 of my 4, 850 APC battery back ups. But I don't trust it, even with a $50,000 warranty aginst lightning stikes. I unplug the phone line, power plug to the APCs & shut off the battery packs from beeping.

I live in the Mountains of NC, & have sat on the couch in a thunder storm & watched the lightining, go from one wall plug to another. Nope I just don't want to try and see how good they are at buying me, all new custom built Computers.

With my luck they would replace them with all new, Compaqs I use the APCs for power surges, Spikes, and when the power goes out, to shut down. However if lightning can jump from one wall plug, to a plug 15 feet away, well I don't believe in magic, & that big heavy box, with a battery in it, ain't gonna stop it from frying everything I got pluged in.

As far as the ADSL 9 out of 10 times all I have to do is plug everything back in, and bam I'm online. The one time is something simple like pigfanatic ran into & I have it fixed in minutes.


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