I'm getting an error CRC I'm using Windows NT

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I'm getting an error CRC I'm using Windows NT

I'm getting an error CRC when I dial into my ISP. I have another ISP and I can dial into them with no problem. I called my first ISP and they went through all my settings and changed a few things we tried to dail back into them and got the same error CRC and 629. I told them that I was able to conncet to them before using another number we change the number and called back using a long distance number and I was able to connected. I have no idea what the problem is and the tech that I talk to was not sure what would cause this problem. Any one have an idea?
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Cool Evidence

If you can connect to every other ISP but them then it is their problem! Most likely they are having problems with the authenticator or a modem especially if you were getting into them the day before they made the change. Keep after them, if you have eliminated everything on your machine then the preponderance of evidence states that they are the problem. I love to argue with those people, first I let them think I do not know anything about computers by just not saying so. Then when they start saying itís my customers fault etc I dig my spurs into them and nine times out of ten get them to admit and fix the problem. I have no idea what could be wrong. I do not recognize the errors you are reporting, does it say anything else like password or user name rejected etc?
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bigmike is correct, its your ISP's problem.
You've alredy prove to them that your computer and the settings work fine with their long distance number. CRC errors are circuit issues, transmission problem detected.

1. Have the ISP dial the same number with you on the phone with them
2. Ask for a credit til the problem is fixed.
3. Ask to speak to a senior tech.

Good Luck.
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Cool Att...

Tell them I am sending my lawyers over

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