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drive names-how to change?

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04-05-02, 01:23 PM   #1  
drive names-how to change?

I did a reformat/reinstall of WinME .
The flopy drive, "local disk" C, and zip D, don't bother me.
I want to change the DVD-ROM (E drive from "Compact Disk" to what it actually is, and the F: drive to "CD-RW"
By right clicking the drive, and selecting properties, there is no way to change the name. How/can I do this?


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04-05-02, 06:32 PM   #2  
Not sure Bill Gates wants you to do this :-)
My guess is you're going to need to look in the registry and tweek some key there. Not the safest thing in the world to do. If you want to go where angels fear to tread go
Start -> Run type "regedit" do a search for "Compact Disk" If you find something and it looks like a simple text key try changing that. If it ain't there you got me stumped.

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04-05-02, 09:57 PM   #3  
greenjacket, go to your control panel and open up the file labeled "system". Under the device tab and click on the + new to the device that you want to change the drive letter on. Highlight the device itself and then click on "properties". In this dialog box click on the tab "settings". You will see what the device is assigned and down below, you will see two pull down boxes. Assigned it drive designation that you want it to be. If you are changing it to an already used letter, be sure to change the other device to another letter before you reboot when it tells you need to reboot. Also, anything that has shortcut to that drive under it's current drive letter, or any program that is already set up to use that device under that letter may not be able to find it afterwards. You will have to manually change those to suit the new drive letter assignment(s). No biggie, just be aware that it does cause a few minor problems that can be fixed. Oh, if you decide to label drives way down the line, use the middle letters. Using the end of the alphabet to keep from things added bumping your current addition down further can cause major problems.

I'm trying to remember how to change the name of the device, but it escapes me at the moment. I don't mess with the registry. Don't know how, but can seem to get around it with windows helping me and me not messing things up worse than I already do.

I know that I've done it for my zip drive before since it came up named removable something or other and I wanted it named what it was, a zipdrive. Maybe one of the wonderful computer guru's that are online will tell you how to accomplish this without having to touch the registry.


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