how do I tell AT or ATX


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how do I tell AT or ATX

I have an old full size tower box, upgraded it in 1997 from the orginal blistering 33mhz to a PII- 200, gave it to my step daughter after buying a piece of S*&t Emachine. She kept it a while and was too spoiled with faster stuff at work and had a few software glitches, so I got it back.

Now I want to build a new PC, know I want to get the "next best" stuff out there so I'm not paying top dollar but will be a significant advancement over my current 333 celeron. Thinking AMD Athon, 1.8Ghz with 266FSB and DDR.

Question is how do I determine whether this box will accept the new MB's? I tried taking the #'s off the current power supply to ask for info on it, but never got any response from Seasonic the mfg. The supply has SSC-220-A2 listed as it's model #, so I'm guessing its 220 watts, probably not enough to do everything I want. I just hate throwing away the old big box. So how do I find out whether the box will accept the new MB and what will most likely be a new power supply as well? The case doesn't have the same setup as my newer socket 370 MB on the emachine, where all the coonectors are along the top of the MB. Just horizontal slots at the bottom for the cards and then 5 serial and parrallel positions for cable connections. Guess I probably just answered my own question.

Am I wasting my time? Anyone really need this thing? It's got 2 HD's (around 3-4GB) with a total of 64MB ram?
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My guess is that it is an AT case. The way to tell is on the back panel. AT cases and MBs used the old style keyboard plug that is about twice the size of the newer ones. AT Mbs and cases also have no slot for the mouse plug. There is also a difference in the plugs from the Power Supply to the MB. Hard to describe though. If it is AT then new MBs are rare and I haven't seen one yet for the new P4s. New cases are ranging 40-100 bucks. Also, is your memory Simm or Dimm?
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Download and run Belarc Advisor from here:

It will tell you the make, model, and serial number of the mobo. Then go into google and type in the model number and you will find all you need to know about your board.
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buy a new one.

For $66.00 you can get a 3227 Enlite midtower with a 300 Watt ATX Power supply allready in it. Try these places. and then check the Reseller out at Good luck, have fun

PS the enlite come in 2 flavors. AMD & Intel get the right one.
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An AT power supply has two connectors, P8 and P9 to connect the power to the MB. They are more or less one sided. An ATX power supply has one single big connector. The other easy way to determine is to look at the power supply cables. If the PS has a big cable going to the power switch of the case, it's AT. If not, it's ATX.

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