partitioning a hard drive


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How do you get to be a moderator?

I ask this question after reading the following from Big Mike....

"No partner I am not wrong, the rest of the drive is floating in lala land because of the Fat16 partition. Also there is no way to partition without first destroying the primary partition then build the second or extended partition. "

Anyone doing even a cursory search of the Microsoft home site will soon realise what a load of garbage the above is. Anyone putting themselves forward as an "authority", as this guy is doing should first educate themselves in the basics of their subject. To suggest that after creating a fat 16 partition, formatting etc, that the remainder of the drive is unavailable is JUST PLAIN WRONG!

It is, as I have said before, simply a matter of running fdisk, selecting "NO" to the large disk option, create a second partition out of the remaining space, then format that partition.

I strongly recommend that the big chief of the moderators replace this turkey with someone who knows what they are talking about.
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I fully agree with you Marturo....
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Hopefully, this will all be settled under post

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you should be able to partition the unused area of the hard drive. You cannot resize the exisiting primary partition without deleting the primary partition first, but if the remaining space has not yet been partitioned , you should be able to partrition the remainder. I have never seen a case however that anyone needed to do this after the fact, usually all partitions are set up at the same time and then the system is installed on the primary partition. Fat 16 up to 2 gig partitions. To be on the cautious side back up anything inportant first, unexpectant things can happen.

I beleive there are specialize programs out there that will allow you to resize partitions without losing data, such as partition magic, I however haven't tried it, and would not take a chance on such a procedure without backing up anything I couldn't afford to lose. With Fdisk you cannot resize without deleting the partitions and losng any data on the hard drive.

ejones, however you should be much moe diplomatic in your reply, you do not have to agree with every opinion, but I feel you can provide a healthy opposing view without critizing and comdeming another.

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