cdr/rw installation & configuration


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cdr/rw installation & configuration

Installed a cdr/rw and was unsure about connections and configurations. Initially a floppy, zip and cd rom drive came with the package. The initial configuration of cables and controller connectors are as follows:

1. from the primary controller connector on the mother board the ATAPI hard drive is inline first and nothing after. The jumper setting is not set to either CS, MA or SL. It states that there is no need for jumper settings.
2. From the secondary controller connector on the mother board the zip drive first then the cd rom. Zip drive-no jumper used, Cd rom set to SL.

I installed the cdr/rw to the connector after the hard drive and it said to set it the cdr/rw to SL and with the possibility to change the hard drive settings. I would need to verify that. So I left the hard drive and the other drives alone and everything works correctly with the exception of one thing.

It seems now when I put a cd in the cd rom and then remove it and then load a different one, The icon and the initial disc size
from the previos cd remains after the new one is loaded. When explored, the files change to the newly loaded cd but have troubles sometime reading them because the initials from the first cd remain.

I believe I may have installed this wrong or configured the jumper incorrectly. I'm totally confused and need guidance!
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Cool ATAPI hard drive?

If you are seeing and reading the drives then nothing is configured wrong. The drives run etc. So what you forgot to mention is, OS? Memory? CPU speed? Buss Speed? Put the IDE (no such thing as an ATAPI hard drive) drive and the original ATAPI CD ROM on the primary IDE channel. Put the CD R/W on as master and the Zip as slave on the 2ond IDE channel. This should take care of itÖ With the burner I would transfer the ZIP info to a CD then eliminate the Zip altogether.
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Windows will sometimes forget to refresh the CD when you change them. Right clicking on the drive, and hitting Refresh will fix that for you.
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Cool Mine

I should have mentioned that even my system does that. 2 HDís, a burner and an ATAPI CD ROM, 2 floppies. Occasionally one of the CDís or such will retain the last CD burnt etc until I hit the refresh ďF5Ē key.
FYI: I have burnt a lot of data CDís with no problems. I have a ton of music CDís as well as a gig or two of downloads and like a lot of people I only want a song or two from each artist. So decided to burn me some audio Cdís. I must have made about 10 coastersÖ They would burn out ok but when I would play them back only half or so of the disk would play even though the CD player(s) said the disk was 10 tracks at 70 minutes and then cause the sled of the optics to bottom out which can severely damage a CD player. A friend that does a lot of audio asked me how fast was I burning the CDís, well 24 speed. Comes to find out that audio CDís canít be burnt at that speed, evidently they need to be burnt deeper to get them to read right. So I started burning at 12/14 speed and all 10 disks I have made in the last couple of hours have turned out perfect. Live and learn I guessÖ (Nero software V. 5.8) [Idiot proof to an extent ]
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Posting my results


The procedure you described is working correctly and more importantly the way I tried to describe the problem.

Now I don't have to restart the computer everytime I need to change cd roms.

Thanx a million.

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