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If I have cable internet what is the best and cheapest way to network it through either cables or wireless network to other computer units?
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It all depends on the layout of your location. A hardwired network will be less expensive equipment wise, but the labor may be very expensive. Post more details.
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If you don't mind cutting holes in your walls for junction box's and running cat 5 in the walls, attic and/or basement. Hard wired will be the cheapest way to go. If you dont like blood sweat and tears, wireless is the only way to go. Your looking at about $30-$45 for each adapter and about $120-$150 for the wireless hub. I dont know if the hub comes with any adapter, it might come with at least 1, maybe 2.

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Cool Linksys

A router and CAT5 is the way to go for expense. Purchase Linksys 4 channel router, your connection will be setup in the router and the remote computer will be left to automatically obtain IPís etc. (By default) you should be fine with this setup. Routers are around $100, assuming two computers two NIC cards preferably Kensington or 3COM at about $30 each. If you not going to knock holes in the wall, measure the amount of cable you need and take it to a computer shop and have them crimp ends on for a straight thru connection. Install the cards in each computer, set up you ISP info in the router and you are good to go. This need not be mentioned to your ISP unless you want to pay for another static IP. The router by the way will come with a CD that will literally lead you by the hand on the install.
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i purchased an SMC barricade 4-port router, and it's great. it's got a built-in firewall and print server, which i like. fairly easy to hook up too. we've got drop ceilings in the basement, so that's where the cables would be. also, bigmike's right -- cable / DSL providers do NOT support routers / hubs / etc -- might wanna keep that bit-o-info to yourself!

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