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I was told that a firewall will prevent hackers from entering your system. Is this something you can download??
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Zone Alarm firewall

Yes, Go to and you can download the Free version, which i have been using with my Xp for awhile now and i love it! Tom
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Just a side note. "prevent" is a pretty strong word when it comes to hackers. I would use deter them, if you really have something they want, they will find a way in. I have not played with zone alarm all that much, (even though I have it) but I think you can tell how many times the ports on your pc have been probed.

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Once you download a firewall, test it. I purchased Norton's and had it tested some time after I installed it and found several holes. I installed ZoneAlarm's protection and it was impressive. Test it at Steve Gibson's research site at:
Gibson Research Corporation
Do a test before and after for curiosity. This is a secure site.

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