windows 98 / cd key saved lcoation


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windows 98 / cd key saved lcoation

I would like to know if anyone know where windows saves the seriel / cd key number on the hard drive. I have to redo a system where the owner has misplaced the cd and I was hoping I could locate the cd key/seriel number for windows 98, that way I can install using another copy of winodws 98 and still use the same serial/cd key that the owner already has registered.
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CD ProductID:

Can boot to Windows:
>Start >Run enter: hwinfo /ui
see: ProductID

Can boot to DOS only:

regedit /l:c:\windows\system.dat /e c:\$$$.tmp HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion
find "Product" c:\$$$.tmp
del c:\$$$.tmp

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Thank you, found the cd key in the registry, I printed out your reply for future reference.
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Here is another way of getting the cd key for win 98.
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I right clicked on My Computer icon and it showed me the number on the system properties. It is the same number that showed up in the hardware info file next to the ProductID. Is that correct?

Also, out of curiosity, I've never had to use that number when I installed, excuse me, reformatted my HD and reinstalled Win98. When does the installation call for that? I've only had to enter the Windows registration number. Is this needed only if you're using an install disk for another system, or am I looking at the wrong ProductID number in the hardware info file?



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