w2k peer to peer networking


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w2k peer to peer networking

this is for an assignment... so don't feel obliged to help but it would b nice
Just one question: You have a license for 6 Word apps, but 9 users need to be able to use the application.
Im guessing, you put the application in a shared folder, and allows the 9 users, but set a limit to the number of people able to use the application at one time.
Is this right? and if so, are there any other ways you can do this on a peer to peer network?

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the only thing I can think of is to set it up so you telnet into the machine that contains the folder. You can limit the number of sessions and remain legal. Is true you can only have 6 licenses and have 100 users, 6 at a time.


p.s. least if I remember correctly its true.
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thanks ill write it down and c how i get along! ..... (ill be back lol)

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