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Smile run out of memory

I have a compaq 350mhz with 96 ram and I am running windows 98 first edition. When I use note pad and microsoft works,alot of times it tells me that I have run out of memory. Can anyone tell me why this is happening? I have 96 ram. It just started doing this. I have 5 gigs of hardrive left.
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Gary Tait
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You are running out of resource memory. That is memory Windows
and you applications uses for some house keeping. The size is
rather small, and no matter how much RAM you have, it stays the same. The reason you run out of it, is that when you run a program, it takes up a bit of RM, but when you quit an app, that
little bit is not freed for use again, so the more times you run an application, or the more you run, the more RM gets used.

The only way to free up RM is to do a reboot.
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You can try increasing the size of the swap file (virtual memory). It's probably around 200 Mb now, which should be enough unless you have a program which is a memory hog. When I run into these problems it's usually time for a reload.
Did this problem started to occur after you installed a piece of software? If yes, then that program iis probably to blame.
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This has helped me on a number of occasions.
Once in a while, resources are held by 'ghost' devices.

Boot into "Safe Mode" and drill to Device Manager--Look for duplicate devices installed; frequently, multiple monitors show-up, and remove these duplicates.
When you re-boot, the system will reload the devices, hopefully once. Within Device Manager, stay out of "System devices",,,, unless you enjoy headaches.

May I also recommend going to M$ website and DL latest updates for your OS.

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Smile run out of memory

Thank you Trinitro and Bulecanary25 for the tip on fixing the memory problem that I have. I will try it.
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Smile run out of memory

Trinitro I didn't have this problem until I upgraded to internet explore 6. I don't like 6. I have had other problems with internet 6. I really would like to go back to 5.5 version.
Thanks again
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A common cause is MS DLLs (replaced, corrupt, missing). Modular programming at its best and worst.

A update for Microsoft Works exists here:
See: Microsoft Libraries Update It may resolve your problem. If not try uninstalling and reinstalling.
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Cool Excedrin and Tequila...

One thing I can see is you are trying to run IE 6 on a computer designed to run IE 4 maybe 5. IE 6 is a hog like all MS programming. I agree, sounds to me like its time to format and upgrade. You can run 98 SE and I recommend ME on that 350. You do need to increase memory, cram as much as you can into it. By the way, is that a 100 MHz or 66 MHz buss? My actual recommendation is to upgrade the entire system. That 350 will not be able to do some of the tasks on the net now. There are places all over that say to bring in your old tower and they will upgrade you to a “Whatever” for two or three hundred dollars. This is a better option than $1000 for a new one! I just did an overhaul and the two most expensive things were the 64 Meg video card and the Epox mother board (Sweet!). Caught the 64 Meg AGP Radeon for $99 and the board and 700 MHz P3 (running at 933) CPU for $150. Entire upgrade including a new CD R/RW and extra hard drive was just over $350 including lunch for my buddy that had to clue me on the “HPT” Highpoint RAID setup. Oh yea the bottle of Excedrin and fifth of Tequila too…

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