Computer freezing up!


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When I am trying to boot up my computer after the Windows 98 screen it just automatically goes into standby and I have to manually shut it down and start it back up. Has anyone heard of this and how do I fix it?
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I've seen this same problem on a Windows 98 machine at work. Once you have your computer up and running, go to Shut Down, and chose Restart in MS-DOS mode. Once the DOS screen shows up, (all black) , type in CD\ and hit <Enter>. Then type the following:

ren autoexec.bat autoexec.old

and hit <Enter>
Then type the following:

ren config.sys config.old

and hit <Enter>

What this does is disable two files that are scanned during boot up. Sometimes programs like games put lines in these files that cause problems. Restart the computer by hitting reset, or powering off and back on. If it boots properly, run through the programs you typically use to be sure there are no hidden problems.

If it does nothing to help, repeat the above process, except type:

ren autoexec.old autoexec.bat

ren config.old config.sys

This will get the files back to their original condition. Hope this helps, we've had lots of problems with Windows 98.

Take care,

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You don't really give a history to the problem. The things to ask are when this problem first occured, did you install some new hardware or software. Can you deinstall the hw or sw. In the past when I've had wierds like this I have found that a reinstall of the OS software, telling it to over write all files even if newer cures most things. You might find that you need to reinstall a later piece of software to make it work but this has been rare to my experience. I know this takes time but
then all the tweaks take time.
I work in the computer industry and this is sometimes the only approach short of formatting the c drive and starting again.
If you do resort to the later then first copy the W98 to a different partition of your hard drive , it makes start up a bit easier.
Good luck Andy
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Just as a preventitive measure once the problem is solved - try this weekly maintenance: Delete temp files and temporary internet files, empty recycle bin, go to system tools and run scandisk then do an advanced defrag of your c: drive. This should keep you running smoother going forward. P.S.- I am sure you already know this but remember...ALWAYS EXIT YOUR WINDOWS PROGRAM BEFORE SHUTTING DOWN.

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