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My CD Drive takes a long time to load (when it will) and seems to be overheating. There are a lot more errors and freezing up than there used to be. Is there some way to clean a CD Drive myself? Am I going to have to get a professional in to look at it?
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A CD drive is the easiest drive to change on a computer. Buy a new unit, unbolt the old one, swap plug-for-plug, and load the drivers. A CD drive swap takes about 30 minutes and solves all those problems.

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For PAWSuccess:
You didn't mention if your drive was internal or external. If it's external, I agree with Smokey, swap the thing out. If you exchange it for the same model, it would then be just a matter of a few disconnects from the back of your machine. It's it internal, I would take it back to where you purchased it and have the tech guys look at it. CD players are extremely hardy and it takes alot to destroy them (despite words to the contrary. The overheating is mechanical, it could be a failing/marginal part in power supply, logic, or optical pickup. But first, I would check out a few minor faults which you can diagnose and repair including a dirty lens, the disc being
loaded upside-down, or the internal adjustments being messed up due to someone
tweaking the hardware. Cheers


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