Microsoft Word won't work...


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Microsoft Word won't work...

Dell Dimension XPS T700r with Windows 98

Hey, someone please help me...

Microsoft Word will not open on my computer. It has never given me trouble in the past. Whenever I try to open it, it will give me an error message saying that my system is dangerously low on resources. I have tried removing it and then reinstalling it but that doesn't work. What is going on?
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Cool More 2...

How much memory? Last time you ran scandisk and defrag? Office version? HD Full or % of HD currently being used? Which 98? Upgrade, 98 SE or just plain old first build 98? How old is the motherboard? 66 or 100x buss speed? Do you happen to know how much L2 cache do you have? Have you been using this version of Office for quite some time? Have you done any of the recent Office updates thru the Office Updater? Virus software up to date?
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response to questions...

Here's whatever answers I could supply you. I am definately not a computer whiz but I am an everyday user so I'll try my best.

-Not positive how much memory, but it is a lot. I don't have the computer loaded with junk. Just the basics.
-Ran scandisk on hard drive last week. No viruses found. Never Defraged this computer.
-Hard Drive is only about 50% full.
-Microsoft Windows 98
-Motherboard is probably about 3 years old
-First built 98, not model SE
-Yes, I have been using this version of office for sometime now and it has always worked fine.
-Haven't done any office updates thru Office Updater
-Mcafee virus protection is up to date.
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Cool Defrag

Lets start by defraging, I dont think its going to help load but wonders never cease. I need you to do a file search for your win386.swp file and see how big it is. If its over 150 megs it need to be deleted from DOS but not the DOS shell. I/we can tell you hao after we find out how big. Scandisk too. After houskeeping is done then... Go into Windoze Explorer and find the Internet Temp file and cookie file and delete the contents of both. Re-boot and see if Office will load. From <Start> <Run> in the dialog box type "MSCONFIG" w/out the "". Go to the <Startup> tab and look for any instance of Office, if the box next to anything to do with Office is not checked, check it. From Windoze Explorer look in the Windows directory for the <Startup> folder and see if office is there. From <Start> <Programs> look down your list and see if you have a "Disabled Startup" folder, see if Office is in there. Also look in Windoze directory for "Microsoft Office" directory make sure its there. When you boot up during POST the memory will count out, tell me how much is a lot. Old 98 needs at least 32 megs and with Office running, 64 megs minimum. I would guess this is Office 97 right? I never had any trougle out of it when I ran it but I have heard others have. Do you have any parenting software loaded? Stopping kids from access to computer, files, internet? Anybody else got any ideas?

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