noisey start up and no spell check


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noisey start up and no spell check

Question 1 ..... can anyone tell me what may be causing my computer to make a low groaning sound at start up ... it stops after about a minute and it's quiet until the next time I start it up?

Question 2 ..... since I installed Windows XP Home version, I have no spell checker in my Outlook Express. I keep getting a pop up box that says " an error occured while checking the spelling " ?
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Cool HD & Spell

What kind of HD is it? Most likely its nothing, all HDs make a noise when they first start up, it was most likely always there you just never noticed it. If it was doing it all the time I would be concerned. As far as your spell checker you have to have MS Word to run spell check. I think Express had some type of small dictionary built in but cant remember, I have always had to have Word loaded to use a spell checker.
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hd & spell

Hard Drive is an IBM 40G Ultra DMA/100 w/2MB Buffer and the noise just started recently. My wife and I built our computers within the last 6 months (first attempts and things have been working just fine) we put an 80G MXT hard drive in her's and there is no noise from it. This noise I refer to does sound like the hard drive to me ... I just want to know if it is going to seize up at some point ? and there must be a way to correct it or do I need to take it back for an exchange ?

As for the spell check question .... I am running Word97 and it still doesn't allow spell check to work. Any other suggestions ?
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Cool Checking

Well if it is making noises you have never heard then I would immediately back up the drive and contact the manufacturer for a replacement. Almost all decent drives today have three to five year warranties. I would also go with a Western Digital drive. My personal view but I have never had a WD drive fail on me. Not that they dont, you can buy a $50,000 car and have it be a lemon but WD drives just seem to hold up. Get hold of IBM and get a new drive and use it for storage, get a WD drive for your primary.
As far as the spell check, have you got into Express and made sure that it is setup it spell check? Seems I had problems with my spell check a couple years ago and re-installed Word and is associated again. But I am checking into it
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The grinding noise could be a bearing going on a fan. I've had some that sound like a plane taking off. The reason it could go away is that the grease in the bearing gets warmed up and start lubricating again. About the only way to figure out which is to open the case. You should be able to tell by getting your ear close. If not try unplugging the power from the HD and see if you still have noise. If so plug the HD in and go to each fan an repeat the same process.

The outlook question may be a "Feature" becuase Uncle Bill has intergrated Outlook into the office suite in the same way he intergrated the browser into the OS. In other words, Outlook may not like the spell checker in Office 97. I don't think you can back install an older version of Outlook on XP but if you can uninstall Outlook and install the version on your Office 97 CD.
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process of elimination

thanks, I will try the fans and see what happens

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