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I've got a 233 Pentium mmx from way back. Since its a Socket 7, and the K6-2 is also a socket 7, would it be possible to buy a 500mhz k6-2 and swap it with the Pentium? Or would the higher speed need more voltage and it would be better to go something like 333mhz if the swap was at all possible...
The bus speed doesnt matter, I got my info at

Its a packard bell (yes I know but it was cheap and I havent had any major problems with it knock on wood) S618 with a 680 motherboard I think. Its a Ambios 1.0012 bios or something like that.

Whaddayathink, is this possible? Thanks, Chet
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The AMD K-6/2 CPU's need a super socket 7 motherboard. If you want to, you can buy a ASUS P5A-B motherboard for less than $100.00.
It will support the 500mz and should fit in your case.
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When I last upgraded - I went from a AMD DX4-100 to K6-2/400. Had to replace everything I had except case and monitor (did that too).

You can buy a Tyan Trinity 100AT (1560S) motherboard from Egghead.com which will support K6-2 to 475 mhz, has 3 DIMM and 4 SIMM, runs at 100 mhz FSB, USB, AGP, etc for only $81.99 +/-.

They do not charge shipping from the Online Superstore.

You can still use your old EDO memory in the SIMM slots. It might not fit your PB case. They are known to have proprietary hardware, and lots of time upgrades are frustrating and/or impossible. You might need a new case too.

I have one of these w/the K6-2 400. It can overclock to 500 mhz.

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