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I backed up my system on a CD several months ago after purchasing a CD writer. I had to run my recovery disc and now I would like to restore my programs and files, but I have no idea where to begin. any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Robert
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What are you wanting to know?

When you did your backup, did you arbitrarily save files without directories?


Did you save file in directories?

This is where it will make a difference in restoring your HDD and system.

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Thanks for the response. I am sorry to say but I really don't know what I did. I am an old old dog trying to learn modern tricks. I think I just put the disc and hit back up. I probably saved the files without directories. When I put disc in and go to my computer, I get device is not ready. I hope this will help. I will appreciate any help. Thanks in advance. Robert
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When you do a backup you should only backup things that you do not have handy anywhere else. Such as address in your E-mail, drivers, and any other personal files. There is no need to back-up Operating Systems or applications unless you no longer have the Master disk.
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Since you don't know what you did, and we don't know...the best bet is to reinstall your program files manually again, then when you want to open a file, put your home made cd with your back up files in the drive...go to start...find...then find the file your wanting...then save it again on your hard drive.

Hope I have helped!
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